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Charity of Choice

Glamapalooza Cares

Every year we select a cause to raise funds for. The thinking is, if this many awesome women are coming together, why not put all that positivity and power behind a great, local, meaningful cause. 

because we care. because we can
The reason


Meet Brynn... 

Local resident Brynn Ladly was diagnosed with CDKL5 after she started experiencing seizures at only 6 weeks old. As a result of this diagnosis, Brynn suffers from daily seizures, developmental delays, feeding and breathing difficulties, and she is unable to sit, stand, walk or talk. Donations to CDKL5 Canada will help work towards treatments and a cure to relieve the symptoms of this devastating disease.


The Cause


By contributing to our fundraising efforts you will be helping the Ladly family in their quest to improve the life of their daughter, and other individuals in Canada affected by this rare condition. Funds raised will go toward research and awareness through CDKL5 Canada. 

How can you help?


Many of the participating businesses are providing ways to contribute to our Charity of Choice. 


Take part in our silent auction. This is being held at The Corner Grill & Cafe in the Community Room.  Have something to contribute? Contact Sam


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